February 2024

How we helped improve Cinionic their social media

Cinionic, renowned for its high-quality cinema laser projectors, embarked on a revolutionary journey to amplify its social media presence. The initiative, spearheaded by Starter Compass, aimed to bridge the gap between Cinionic and its audience, making the brand more accessible and engaging to consumers than ever before. This case study unfolds the strategic narrative of how Cinionic, with the expertise of Starter Compass, ventured beyond traditional channels to captivate and grow its digital audience.

How we helped improve Cinionic their social media


Growth Marketing Search Engine Optimization


TikTok & Instagram

Project Overview

Phase 1: Strategic Planning and Partnership Formation

At the outset, Cinionic's digital footprint was primarily concentrated on LinkedIn and YouTube, platforms synonymous with professional content. Recognizing the untapped potential of social media in creating direct consumer engagement, Starter Compass proposed a dynamic shift towards more interactive and widespread platforms: TikTok and Instagram.

Key Actions:

- Audience Analysis: Conducted comprehensive research to understand the interests, behaviors, and preferences of Cinionic's target demographic.

- Content Strategy Development: Devised a content strategy that highlighted Cinionic’s industry-leading technology through accessible, engaging, and shareable content formats.

- Partnership Leverage: Initiated collaborations with the largest fan pages and influencers on Instagram, focusing on those with a keen interest in cinema technology and innovation. This approach not only expanded reach but also lent authenticity and enthusiasm to the campaign.

Cinionic Experiences Delivered


Phase 2: Execution of Multi-Platform Campaigns  

Campaign Rollout:  

- Engaging Content Creation: Produced a variety of content, including behind-the-scenes looks at Cinionic's technology, user-generated content challenges, and interactive Q&A sessions with cinema technology experts.

- SEO Optimization: Carefully crafted posts with SEO-friendly descriptions, utilizing trending hashtags and keywords to improve visibility and search rankings.

- Partnership Content: Worked closely with Instagram fan pages and influencers to create tailored content that resonated with their followers, ensuring a seamless integration of Cinionic’s messaging into popular content streams.

Cinionic Barco Office

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Phase 3: Measuring Success and Impact


- Exponential Follower Growth: Witnessed a remarkable surge in followers across TikTok and Instagram, significantly broadening Cinionic’s social media presence.

- Heightened Engagement: The strategic content and partnerships led to a drastic increase in likes, shares, comments, and overall engagement, positioning Cinionic as a relatable and authoritative voice in the cinema technology space.

- B2B to B2C Transition: The innovative approach allowed Cinionic to connect directly with end consumers, fostering a community of cinema enthusiasts and positioning the brand closer to the consumer market.

- Established Market Leadership: Reinforced Cinionic's status as a global leader in cinema technology, with the brand now synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and quality.

Cinionic Marketing campaign


The strategic partnership between Cinionic and Starter Compass represents a landmark case in social media marketing within the B2B sector. By embracing emerging platforms and leveraging strategic partnerships, Cinionic transformed its digital narrative, establishing a direct and engaging connection with its audience. This case study exemplifies the power of innovative social media strategies in elevating a brand from industry excellence to consumer favorite, setting a new standard for digital engagement in the cinema technology sector.

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