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How GoPro utilised creative strategies

In the early 2010s, GoPro, a company known for its action cameras, faced the challenge of expanding its market reach beyond professional photographers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

How GoPro utilised creative strategies


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In the early 2010s, GoPro, a company known for its action cameras, faced the challenge of expanding its market reach beyond professional photographers and extreme sports enthusiasts. The company recognized the potential of its everyday users to showcase the versatility and quality of its cameras. The development phase involved identifying a strategy that could harness the power of UGC to demonstrate the camera's capabilities in a variety of settings, from capturing extreme sports feats to recording everyday moments.

GoPro decided to launch a marketing campaign that encouraged users to share their own videos and photos taken with GoPro cameras. The campaign's goal was to highlight the product's ease of use, durability, and ability to capture high-quality content in any environment.

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GoPro executed its UGC strategy through multiple channels:

  • Social Media Contests: GoPro launched the "GoPro Awards" where users could submit their best photos, videos, and edits for a chance to win cash prizes. This incentivized users to share their content and use GoPro cameras more actively.
  • Social Media Features: GoPro featured outstanding user content on its own social media channels, which not only provided the creators with exposure but also showcased the camera's capabilities to a wider audience.
  • Video Challenges: The company initiated specific challenges, asking users to submit content under certain themes or activities, further engaging the community.
  • Engagement and Sharing: GoPro created hashtags like #GoProHero and #GoProMoments for users to tag their content, making it easier to find and share user-generated videos and photos.
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The results of GoPro's UGC marketing strategy were phenomenal:

  • Increased Engagement: GoPro's social media channels saw a significant increase in engagement, with millions of posts tagged with GoPro-related hashtags. Their YouTube channel, filled with user-generated content, amassed over 10 million subscribers, becoming one of the most viewed brand channels on the platform.
  • Sales Growth: The campaign contributed to a substantial increase in sales. For instance, in 2014, GoPro's sales surged by more than 40%, with revenue exceeding $1.4 billion.
  • Brand Loyalty and Community: The strategy fostered a strong sense of community among GoPro users, who felt valued and connected through their shared experiences. This not only enhanced brand loyalty but also turned customers into brand ambassadors.
  • Awards and Recognition: GoPro's innovative use of UGC in marketing earned it numerous awards and recognitions, highlighting the brand's creativity and effective engagement with its audience.

GoPro's UGC campaign exemplifies how a brand can leverage its own customers' creativity and experiences to drive marketing success. By putting its users at the forefront of its marketing efforts, GoPro not only expanded its market reach but also established a loyal community of brand advocates, showcasing the power of user-generated content in building a brand.

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